As a guitarmaker, I'm probably best known for the custom-made flamenco guitars that I create in my workshop on the West coast of Canada.  The instruments that I build are often made with beautifully-figured exotic woods, which I also use to make handcrafted cejillas (capos).

All of my capos are "made-to-order" and are based on a traditional Spanish design that dates from the 18th century.  The peg and the center section of each capo (capodastre) are carved from Madagascar ebony ... and the sides of the capo, depending on your preference, can be made from any one of 21 different types of exotic wood.  Special sizes are available on request. In the "Capo Gallery" below, you'll find images of several cejillas that have been created from these exotic woods, including a Special Edition capo made of Mexican snakewood.

Daniel Turner
Custom Spanish Guitarmaker

Cocobolo Rosewood

Asian Ebony

Quilted Bubinga

Brazilian Rosewood


African Paduak

East Indian Rosewood

Macassar Ebony

Hawaiian Koa

Siam Rosewood

African Ebony

Bastogne Walnut

Madagascar Rosewood

Quilted Sepele

Wild Olive

Mexican Mango

Tasmanian Tigerwood

Mun Ebony


Black Acacia

Ancient Kauri

The base of this unique "Special Edition" capo is carved entirely from three
hand-selected and beautifully-figured pieces of rare Mexican snakewood.
To further add to the value of the capo (cejilla), a fine rosewood tightening
peg is enhanced with a ring and crown made from African ebony.  Click on
the arrow to see several images of this finely handcrafted capo.

To order this capo, click on the checkbox titled "Special Edition" and
then complete the form below.  The price includes the cost of shipping.

Special Edition  (US$165)

The price of all capos is US$100, except for the "Special Edition" capos, which are individually priced (as shown in The Capo Gallery above).  To order a custom-made capo, select the wood you require in The Capo Gallery by clicking on one (or more) of the checkboxes.  After you have selected the wood, enter your name, address, and comments (if any) in the form and then press the [Send Order] button.

Once your order is received, you will be sent a confirmation (by e-mail), which contains information about payment options and the delivery date.  Please note that the prices (quoted above) include the cost of shipping.  Questions about the capos or the ordering process can be sent directly to the guitarmaker at :

Daniel Turner



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